CohBar is a first mover and leader in exploring the mitochondrial genome for therapeutically relevant peptides that have the potential to be developed into transformative and commercially successful drugs. Our lead program, CB4211, in development for NASH and obesity, is expected to enter clinical trials in mid 2018.

Our technology platform is designed to rapidly identify previously unexplored peptides encoded within the mitochondrial genome, characterize their biological activity, and optimize them into novel therapeutics. Using our technology platfrom, CohBar recently completed its exploration of the mitochondrial genome, culminating in the filing of over 65 provisional patents that cover more than 100 mitochondrially derived peptides (MDPs) and their analogs. We are currently prioritizing these peptides for continued internal development and partnership opportunities.

Our strategy is to secure a leading scientific and intellectual property position in mitochondrial peptides and develop a pipeline of MBTs that address the metabolic dysfunction underlying age-related diseases.


Mitochondria, the only parts of the cell other than the nucleus that have their own genome, produce energy and regulate cell death. Until recently, scientists believed the mitochondrial genome contained 37 genes and, as a result, it had been relatively unexplored as a focus of drug discovery efforts. Research by CohBar founders, their academic collaborators and the CohBar scientific team revealed that the mitochondrial genome encodes more than 100 of these previously unexplored peptides. In preclinical models of age-related diseases, a number of these mitochondrial-derived peptides (MDPs) have shown potential disease-modifying effects including metabolic regulation, neuro-protective, cyto-protective and anti-inflammatory activity.

The original groundbreaking research in the areas of mitochondrial genomics and biology, age-related diseases, longevity, metabolism and MDP’s that launched the Company’s research and development efforts, was conducted by our founders, Dr. Pinchas Cohen, Dean of the Davis School of Gerontology at the University of Southern California, Dr. Nir Barzilai, Professor of Genetics and Director of the Institute for Aging Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and their academic collaborators. Their research has been supported by grants totaling over $30 million awarded to their respective academic institutions since 2001 by the National Institutes of Health, private foundations, and other grant funding organizations.

Our founder’s seminal research led to the formation of CohBar in 2009, with its mandate to further explore the mitochondrial genome and to develop best in class therapeutics. CohBar’s research and development has progressed rapidly under the leadership of Dr. Ken Cundy, formerly Chief Scientific Officer at Xenoport, after holding senior scientific positions at Gilead Sciences and Sterling Drug.

The multi-disciplinary expertise and scientific leadership of our founders are augmented by our co-founders, Dr. David Sinclair (Harvard and Sirtris Pharmaceuticals), and Dr. John Amatruda (Merck, Bayer). Their investigations into and knowledge of age-related diseases and drug development has further enabled our research efforts in the mitochondrial genome and its potential to yield biologically active peptides for therapeutic advancement.